Meet the Teachers

Charmion-E-RYT 500

I started doing and teaching yoga in 2010 for recovery from endurance sports but truly began the practice of Yoga in 2016 in Northern California when my body hurt from previous injuries and my mind was in turmoil. 


My journey resulted in clarity, happiness and a passion for life I honestly felt that I had before - before I realized how much I was missing. 

Veteran, mother, wife, business professional, adventurist, traveler, trail runner, mountain biker, hiker and kayaker.  I've lived in South Dakota, overseas, Colorado, Anchorage, Kodiak, California and Kansas.


When I returned to Kansas in 2017 with deep love for Yoga and found only gyms offering it, I knew my hometown deserved to have the very different experience of yoga in a studio.  

My favorite classes to teach are Kundalini, Ayurveda, Meditation, Philosophy, Qigong, retreats and classes for beginners. 

Jimi - ERYT 500,Tai Chi, PT

While completing my personal trainer certification, I found my breath in Tai Chi.  I then came to find yoga and have pursued this healing art ever since.


The yoga mat is my clinic, therapy coach & retreat.  As a "mature" adult myself, I have a keen sense of physical and emotional limits and work to make yoga accessible to everyone. 

I'm from Cincinatti but have lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Italy (3x) Germany, Kuwait, Okinawan, Leavenworth and now Kansas with my husband, retired from the Army. 

Saguna - RYT 200

I came to yoga through asana practice to relieve myself from stress, anxiety, overthinking and exercise. When I learned about the other limbs of yoga through my teacher training program, I found a deep sense of joy practicing yoga on and off the mat.


Yoga has been so important in my life; It has been healing me and continues to heal me showing me a way to live a peaceful and content life being kind and non-judgmental to myself and others. I would be so honoured to share what I have learned and continue to learn each day. I am a very passionate and see everything with the eyes and heart of a beginner.  In addition to fluent English, I also speak Nepalese and Hindi.


I was born in Nepal and came to United States in 2015.  I currently live at Fort Riley. My favourite yoga styles are vinyasa power yoga, yin yoga and meditation. I am so looking forward to provide a class with the intention to find peace, stillness and inner strength.  I am a yoga practitioner looking for my purpose and to serve others.

Alison - RYT 500

I first experienced yoga in college but really fell in love when my family relocated to Colorado Springs in 2010.


I am a student of the 8 Limbs of Yoga & practice integrating those on and off the mat. I initially completed a 200-RYT program to deepen my own practice, but realized how much I loved sharing yoga and wanted to learn more.  So I taught and continued seeking more - completing the 500-RYT with Jason Crandell in California in July of 2019. 


My Vinyasa classes are thoughtful and accessible with a focus on alignment. I feel I have received a wonderful gift when I attend a great yoga class and aspire to give that same gift to each of my students.


I grew up in Oklahoma City and worked in Iceland and Germany, where I met my husband. Since then, the Army has sent us (2 daughters, 1dog, 1 kitten) to IL, NY, KS, KY, TX, CO, & CA. Because of the military and work as a speech-language pathologist, my training also includes Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery, Yoga for Stable & Calm Kids, Pediatric Yoga & Mindfulness, Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans, & Yoga for the Special Child. 

Laurie - RYT 200

In early 2019, my chiropractor advised me to give up running, women’s boot camp and jiujitsu; or do yoga to help with my back pain – so I gave up running and sought out a yoga studio. 


Soon after, I found Charmion at a local women’s health seminar and was welcomed with warmth and the connection with the studio community, I also discovered that I could stay “physical” through yoga without causing further bodily injury.  After trying out many classes and deepening my practice, I entered the 200-hour teacher training program.

What began as a way to remain active & physical has evolved into something much richer than just “doing poses”.  While it has challenged me both physically and mentally, yoga has allowed me to reconnect to and redefine my spirituality and appreciate the “human-ness” we all share.

I can relate to anyone new coming into a class and want to help anyone feel as welcomed and as part of our community as I did when I first came to Yoga Shala East West.

I was raised in Michigan and lived in Alaska, Virginia/ Washington DC, Germany, Arizona and finally Kansas as a former military spouse.  I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, administrative professional with a soft spot for felines and canines alike.  I enjoy reading, music, working out, traveling, hiking & nature and I love good conversation, good food and time well spent with family & friends.

I’ve enjoyed every yoga class I’ve attended with some of my favorites being power, heated, and kundalini.  During my teacher training, I connected most with the practice of Qigong.  For me, it is liberating – with a lyrical quality and openness that speaks to my spirit/soul. I sincerely hope to offer the space for others to experience these feelings and sensations.

Brett - RYT 200

Yoga found me when I showed up begrudgingly at a couple's event at Yoga Shala East West with my wife. Since that day 3 years ago,


I've been practicing pretty consistently and it has changed the way I feel physically and emotionally.I work full-time and have my own business, both involving a lot of physical labor - so I find the most benefit in classes that offer less movement and more stress and physical pain release.


As a teacher, I offer a sense of humor, compassion and quiet support to allow people to have a break from the stress of everyday life with space for stillness to hopefully help unlock each individual's blockages without force,

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