Living True - A new path to your best life

What have you tried that hasn't worked for your long lasting wellness?

Taking an integrative approach can support pieces falling into place.

All of these offerings are holistic things you can start exactly where you are.

Charmion Harris is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance who spent many years teaching traditional yoga and breathing techniques before diving deep into training, learning and experience in Kundalini, Ayurveda, Chakras and the Enneagram.

She has led many retreats, domestic and international, as well as intensive group training programs, and is now offering private consultation in an effort to make these offerings more accessible to people who can't come to days or months long events.


*Charmion is NOT a therapist or doctor.  These yogic techniques can support your current mental and physical health plan, but they are not a substitute.


Natural Herbs

Ayurvedic Consult

Do you suffer from issues with inflammation, weight, mood, indigestion and unwelcome fluctuations in energy?

Ayurveda is yoga's sister science and includes using food and other natural methods to balance your body type for optimum functioning and feeling.

Woman meditating. Colored chakra lights

Chakra Consult

Do you feel "trapped" in emotions that don't serve your best life?

 The Chakra system is comprised of 7 "wheels" of spiritual energy centers related to development.  By aligning these centers, through self-study and other yogic techniques, your vitality can flow naturally.

Enneagram Consult

Does your personality sometimes stress you, your co-workers or family? 

The Enneagram is a system that greatly assists with understanding of our perception, behavior and beliefs, as well as providing ways to refine our natural personality to it's highest level through self-development techniques.

Purpose Consult

Are you struggling to find or follow your purpose in life, your Dharma?

Through guided self-study, your purpose can reveal itself.  Manifesting that purpose involves awareness of key action points and includes yogic techniques to spotlight your path, even in the dark.  This enlightening work is best done after Ayurveda, Chakra and Enneagram work has been completed.

Laughing Yoga

Kundalini at Home

Not sure what to do to improve your life, and don't have time to come to yoga class - but you do have 30 minutes a day to commit to transformation? 

Kundalini yoga is a specifically designed series of postures, breathing techniques and more that when performed consistently can provide the non-artificial technology needed to "turn-on" your systems (mental, glandular & more).  You will receive a carefully designed class and personalized video to do at home.

Turbo Transform



In 5 months, through a combination of Ayurveda, Chakras, Enneagram, Purpose and Kundalini practices, radically shift your wellness to transform your life (without ever leaving your backyard).

You don't need to ask Oz when you have the keys to your own happiness.


East West Guide

Need an easy to read book with pictures to help you practice and learn more about yoga? 

The East West Guide takes you through all 8 Limbs of yoga in an easy to understand way and put into action. 

After all, transformation is theory in practice - and though there is a plethora of information on the web - it can be difficult to apply on and off the mat.

Keep it simple and safe with our guide.


Living True - The Story

A true story of diverse characters amidst a colorful backdrop of all the Americas, Europe and Africa, in first-hand experiences of love, war, poverty, disease, anxiety and depression.  Throughout varying real-life roles of cowgirl, soldier, sailor, mother, hiker, professional, fisherman, adventure racer, volunteer, traveler and yoga teacher, the author connects in inclusivity and in vulnerability.  The most interesting twist may be the one man who puts every effort and belief to the test.  Readers will see themselves in the highs and lows on the way to self-love and purpose.

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