Well-Being - "the state of being happy, healthy, prosperous"


Founded in Junction City in 2017 as a space for an inclusive community that connects through yoga to expand each individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth. 

Weekly Group Classes

Morning & Evening Classes (545am, 830am, 10am, 345pm, 530pm, 545pm, 600pm)

All Classes are limited in size to maintain 7ft or more distance and additional measures are in place to support wellness for everyone.

Kundalini Fusion

Mon 530pm

Kundalini techniques tap into your nervous and endocrine systems in healthy ways that increase wellness and expand your radiance. Class is all levels. Room temp is 80-85 degrees.

Joyful Flow

Tues 545am

Cross between Power and Vinyasa, sequenced to bring a renewed sense of joyful strength and fluidity to your midweek.

Remove physical and mental tensions, improve circulation and flexibility, lubricate joints, hydrate fascia, strengthen the core and radiate joy inside and outside.  All levels. Room temperature approx 75 degrees.

Qigong Inspired

Fri, 545am

Combine slow graceful movements with mental concentration and breath to increase and balance chi - vital energy.  This integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine is over 4000 years old and because it is gentle, can support enhancing immunity, reducing stress and improving many health conditions by positively impacting internal organs and bodily systems for all people today.  Other yoga movements and breathwork may be added to compliment overall vitality.  

Candlelight Zen

Wed, 600pm

A dim room and flicker of candlelight creates the perfect environment to look within, while a grounding sequence with gentle movement and breath focus further lights your practice. Ending the class in a guided savasana can further support elevated peace.  Perfect for all levels wishing to discover internal harmony with the season and in daily life.

Wild Root & J.O.Y.

Fri, 600pm

Wild Root is inspired by the five elements and the connection we all share in our roots; Get fired up and grounded for the rest of your weekend with upbeat music and breath to movement sequencing (similar to a vinyasa flow) for a fun and dynamic yoga practice and guided meditation.  First Fridays are J.O.Y. Inspired by bright and happy kids yoga practices; this class for adults will unwind, inspire and open the heart In this laughter filled class fused with Kirtan, Sun Salutations, pose labs, laughing meditations, crafts, games and more!


Tue 545pm

Great beginner class - we are all beginners every day when it comes to creating equanimity in our bodies and minds - the calm within.  Longer holds rather than flow provide space to create equanimity in the body and breath for a profound impact on the nervous system. 

This class will help create stability, freedom and trust in one's self which translates to having space to offer the same to others.


Wed, 345pm

Gentle movement to release pain, stress and anxiety.  Breath, meditation and poses are modified to allow restoration and improved sense of wellness for all students. Slower paced all levels.  Normal room temp. 

Heated Ashtanga Inspired, Pose Workshops & Asana Flow (alternating)

Thu, 545pm

Ashtanga Inspired is every other Thursday - an internal cleansing in a set order of poses where breath is synchronized to movement (85 degrees). 

Pose Workshops are once/month to explore  advanced poses and discover the mind body connection in a whole new way, Asana Flow is also once a month as challenging vinyasa flow to reduce tension and build strength and stability..

Intentional Flow

Sat, 9am

Birds have wings to fly and stay high - one wing representing will and the other surrender. A higher perspective changes everything.  In this equal parts energetic and harmonizing class using movement, breath work and natural rhythms, you'll find solid ground and soar to new heights with sequencing designed to lift off your mind, body and soul into the weekend.  All levels, warm inviting space.

Heated Fusion Flow

Sun, 830am

Set the tone for the new week! This Sunday morning class has power and ease with mindful movement and SWEAT. Mind body connection is the focus - meditation in motion. You will leave the class feeling ready & renewed.  This is an all levels heated class around 90 degrees.

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