Living True - Enneagram Consult

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enneagram of personality - nine distinct

Does your personality sometimes stress you, your co-workers or family? 

The Enneagram is a system that greatly assists with understanding of our perception, behavior and beliefs, as well as providing ways to refine our natural personality to it's highest level through self-development techniques.

A 90 minute Enneagram Consult (in-person or virtual) includes:

1.  Evaluation of primary Enneagram type & Wing

2.  Evaluation of primary stress and growth points

3.  Review of specific measures that can support wellness

4.  Personalized Enneagram plan (within 48 hours of consult)

5.  20 minute 10 day and 20 day follow-ups and additional resources if desired

Cost: $100 when purchased separately (25% discount when purchased with other consults in Turbo Transform)

Appt times available:

Tues, Wed and Friday 430-630pm

Sat 10am-12pm

Sun 2pm-4pm

After purchase is made, Charmion will email you with 24 hours to arrange appointment time and provide a quiz and waiver for you to complete prior to our consult.

This approach to understanding thought and behavior should be used in collaboration with your mental care provider and not in place of a therapist if applicable..

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