Wild Unity

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Mission Statement:

To ease distress through culturally diverse and layered approaches that honor ancient lineages of yoga and foster internal unity and connection to others through classes, publications, retreats, training, uplifting events and community projects. 

Mother and Daughter

Our Why

​A comprehensive approach to yoga promotes stress relief, healthy immune system, flexibility, balance, strength, mindfulness, clarity, better sleep, compassion, improved relationships, and so much more.

Yet after 4 years in a downtown yoga studio, a question remained . . .

Why don't more people here take advantage of this ancient wisdom?

After many conversations with the incredible teachers at the studio,

the only obvious answer was "lack" - lack of awareness of benefits, lack of time, lack of money, lack of accessibility due to health conditions, lack of a feeling of belonging, lack of understanding of the totality of yoga, and finally

- lack of knowledge regarding religion, culture and yoga.

The answer then was clear.  And Wild Unity was born to offer abundance in all

the spaces that deserved to be filled.

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