Yoga Shala East West transforms
to Wild Sukha

After 4 years in downtown JC as a dedicated yoga studio, the time came for a more sustainable approach to wellness - and Wild Sukha was birthed as restructured offerings including yoga classes, retreats, training, uplifting tools for daily life, art and nature-based outlets, and community projects to unite individual’s mind, body and spirit through the koshas (layers of being).


Every offering includes integration of several limbs of yoga (ethics, disciplines, poses, breathing techniques, sensory control, focus & meditation) while honoring ancient lineage in culturally diverse approaches for the benefit of individual wellness, all humanity & connection to all beings. 


Locations for in-person offerings are at Acorns Resort (on the lake) and Acorns Wild (on the farm) AND video on demand.   We are currently working with development of a non-profit in order to create ultimate sustainability and accessibility.


Wild Sukha is a women-owned, service disabled veteran owned small business with combined small business experience of 20 years.  Please let us know if you want to be included on our first newsletter in December which will provide all the details on how to be a part of Wild Sukha (Sukha means lasting joy and contentment). 

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Wild Sukha Ground