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606 N Washington St, Junction City, KS

Classes We Offer

Are based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together.


This popular class will calm, strengthen and align body, mind & spirit. Slower paced and warm room (approx 75 degrees) and open to all levels, Some intermediate poses may be offered and modifications are always available.


Gentle-ish class to bring healing to pain, tightness and blockages.  Modifications and deconstructed poses will create more space for wellness.   Slower paced and normal room temp.  Open to all levels.

Power Vinyasa

Remove bodily and mental tensions, improve circulation, lubricate joints, hydrate fascia, and tone and strengthen the core. Class begins slowly, focusing on alignment before transitioning into a moving meditation. Some intermediate poses will be offered and modifications are always available. Warmer room (75-85) and open to all levels.  "Powerful" on Thursday 545pm is an intense version of this.

Hot Balance

A Heated (85 degree or higher if we can get it) Mindful Flow. Class is perfect for all levels and flows uniquely, mindfully and slowly to steady the mind and strengthen the body.  Modifications are always available.


Focused flow to methodically increase strength, stamina and awareness of movement within asanas - contributing to overall wellness (including fitness) in your yoga practice. Normal room temperature (70-75).


Founded in Junction City in 2017 to provide a space for an inclusive community of all people that connects through yoga to expand each individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  

We honor all levels, ages and abilities and provide caring, experienced & trained teachers with a variety of classes to meet individual needs.


"the state of being happy, healthy, prosperous"