New to Yoga or Yoga Shala?

We are beginners at so many things every day it seems. 

This one is one of the easier starts to make - it comes with guides (teachers) that don't grade, push or judge anything about you.

The ease that comes with a yoga practice then flows over into your life.

And you are in good company, it's called a practice because every yoga practitioner is a beginner every time they step on the mat.

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What class do I start with?

Easy answer - All of our classes are suitable for all levels.

True answer - It depends on much more than some arbitrary level. 

Find the statement below that best describes you right now and go to its # below.


  1. Moving slower with modifications for my mobility concerns is essential.

  2. Moving slower up or down and all around will help with my comfort.

  3. Moving fluidly with physical challenges helps me stay engaged.

  4. Sweating lots no matter the speed helps me feel detoxed.

  5. I get bored and want surprises. 

  6. I get stressed and want predictability. 

  7. I want to tune out to relax.

  8. I want to tune in to refresh.

  9. I'm open but my schedule isn't, I can only do weekends.

  10. Fairly certain I need to meditate even if I'm not sure why.

  11. My body needs a reboot after not doing yoga for awhile.

  12. Focusing on philosophy is really important to me.

  13. I am pregnant and my doctor said to do yoga.

  14. I have a health condition and my doctor said to do yoga.

  15. I am so nervous that I don't know, please help.

  16. No times or classes work for me (childcare, health, mobility concerns).

  17. My group wants to do something together - wellness, ceremonies, etc.

  18. I just want to learn how to help myself at home without a class..

*** Due to my disability, language, ethnicity, status, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, political views or sexual orientation, I don't know if I will be accepted.

*** Please know all classes here are safe  places for you.

3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12:          Mon, 530pm, Rhythms

3, 5, 8, 11:                    Tue, 545am, Joyful

2, 6, 11:                        Tue, 545pm, Equanimity

1, 2, 11, 14, 15:             Wed, 345pm, Healing

3, 4, 8:                         Thu, 545pm, Ashtanga (2xmo)

3, 5 ,8, 11:                    Thu, 545pm, Flow (1x mo)

5, 11:                            Thu, 545pm, Lab (1x mo)

1-3, 5-8, 10, 13-15:     Fri, 545am, Qigong

2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15:          Sat, 9am, Intentional

3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 15:      Sun, 830am, Fusion

8, 9, 12-15:                  Sun, 11am, Book (1x mo)

1 through 15:              Workshops (TBA)

1, 2, 6, 7, 13-15:           Restorative (TBA)

1, 2, 6, 7, 13-15            Nidra (TBA)

All #s:                          Private Individual (appt)

All #s:                          Private Group (appt)

1 through 15:              YTT/Self Realization

18:                                Coaching (Ayurveda, Chakras, etc)

Please note that these suggestions are just for starting!  After a few classes, the easy answer we started with is also the true answer.

How do I sign up?

Register On-Line, then sign up for lasses you want!

What do I need?

Wear comfortable clothing. 

You can bring a mat if you want, or borrow one of ours.

What to expect

Arrive 5-15 minutes before class starts (door is locked before class begins), leave your shoes in the cubbies and come on into the practice room. There are blankets, blocks and bolsters to borrow if you like.  There are bathrooms for you to use at any time and storage if you'd like to keep any of your yoga items at the studio. 

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