Well-Being - "the state of being happy, healthy, prosperous"

Classes We Offer

Are based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together; and that what suits each individual is dynamic, and should be honored and available.


Founded in Junction City in 2017 as a space for an inclusive community of all people that connects through yoga to expand each individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth.   ​We honor all levels, ages and abilities and provide caring, experienced & trained teachers with a variety of classes to meet individual needs.

Morning & Evening Classes (545am, 830am, 4pm, 415pm, 530pm, 545pm)

Power & Harmony,

Mon 530pm

Explore Power Vinyasa , as well as Qigong and Kundalini. In all, there will be an ebb and flow that is conducive to harmony - time for movement, time for stillness, time for power, time for release. Engage your nervous system (program positive networks), increase wellness in your physical body and create positive energy.  Class is all levels. Room temp is 75-85 degrees.

Morning Sadhana

Mon, 545am and Morning Power

Wed, 545am

Mondays 545am is morning Sadhana, each person attending will be working on poses, breathing and meditation individually suited to their needs (fill out a questionaire at least 2 days prior to attending to receive your "assignment").

Wednesdays 545am is a cross between Power, Balance and Vinyasa - to bring a renewed sense of power to mind and body in your midweek.  All levels. Room temp, approx 75 degrees. 

Grounding Balance

Fri, 545am

Equal parts strength and stretch with yoga and mobility training all wrapped into one class! We slow down the pace and work on releasing tension, stress & tightness all while building strength & flexibility. Gravity Yoga® is included in this class so please expect both time standing on your mat and feel good floor work. All levels.  Room temp 75-80.

Align & Flow

Sat, 830am

Wed, 600pm

Bring attention to breathing techniques and move mindfully through a slower flow. Find strength in support and use of aligning props to deepen your practice. Discover release and growth without pain.  All levels.  Room temp 70-75 degrees.

Heated Balance

Sun, 830am

Set the tone for the new week! This Sunday morning class has slow, mindful movement with the same set sequence to allow awareness of growth. Mind body connection is the focus - meditation in motion. You will leave the class feeling ready & renewed.  This is an all levels class with moderate heat of 80-90 degrees.

Asana Flow

Fri, 830am

Thu, 530pm

A challenging, but accessible, breath-paced movement practice (Vinyasa flow) that builds balance, strength, and flexibility. Through a strong, intelligently sequenced flow, you will target specific body parts, actively engage muscles, and explore alignment that works in your body. All levels.  Room temperature approximately 75 degrees.

Foundations & Growth, Tue 415pm

Great for beginners, seasoned yogis and everyone in between.  Learn typical poses, their names, their purpose in the body & mind, as well as modifications.  Revisit the foundations and deepen your practice going forward. This class moves at a relaxed pace with attention to alignment and breath - with some elements of Power yoga (overall strengthening) and vinyasa (breath to movement for cardio and flexibility).  Props and modifications will be explored so that all can find the most benefit for individual growth and stability.  All levels.  Room temperature between approximately 75 degrees.

Asana Plus

Tue, 600pm

Learn, practice and grow your Asanas (Poses), as well as Pranayama (Breathing), Dhyana (Meditation), plus understanding of yogic philosophy (Sutras, Yamas, Dharma, etc). Absorb into a state of being rather than doing. Alternating teachers will bring varying approaches to the monthly Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana & Philosophy, allowing even further depth and growth. All levels. Room temp approx. 75 degrees.


Wed, 4pm

Gentle movement to release pain, stress and anxiety.  Breath, meditation and poses are modified to allow restoration and improved sense of wellness for all students. Slower paced all levels.  Normal room temp. 

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